Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tina's not the gal she used to be...

So I went home for the Easter holiday and had a wonderful weekend. Leslie and I went and saw The Ring 2 (which was incredibly creeeeeepy). We actually went twice, the first time the power went out before the movie even started. Glad this didn't happen during the movie! Power was out in most of Duncan for awhile, but not at our house, so that was good. We had a great Sunday lunch with the family, complete with colored eggs and deviled eggs (yay!).

I left for Abilene at 4:30, and made it all the way to Wichita Falls (about 60 miles). This is when I noticed that Tina (my car--get it?) was being a bit fussy. When I slowed down to a stop, it wouldn't down shift. So I put her into park and revved the engine a few times (which usually takes care of it), but I got nothing. So I put it back into drive, and it wouldn't go into gear! So, I turned it off, waited a few seconds, and then tried to start it again. Nothing! What in the world?!? By this time, there were a few people behind me, so I put my flashers on and waved them around. One guy got out and offered to help me push it to a nearby parking lot, but I declined, assuming if I gave it a few minutes, she'd start back up. Well, crap. 15 minutes later, I'm still sitting at the stop sign, now with the hood up. I should've counted the number of cars that passed me without offering to help. I think a total of 4 people stopped, out of maybe, a couple hundred. Geeez, help a girl out! A cop even drove by, turned around and drove by again, and then left without stopping! Thanks a lot. Finally a very nice man and his wife stopped and helped me push it to the parking lot. They offered to give me a jump, but neither of us had jumper cables (mine must've climbed out of the trunk and ran away). So I called the parents and they were on their way to get me. Okay, maybe 10 minutes after they left home, I fiddled around with the battery cables and tried to start the car. I kid you not, it started with no trouble. What the #$%$#@#!! I decided it was not worth it to drive 30 miles to meet them, switch cars, and then drive 170 miles back to Abilene, so I just went back home.

The bad news: I had to get up at 6 to drive to Abilene.
The good news: I got to bring the Lincoln.

As much as I love Tina, I do love driving the LS. I think it might be time to start looking for a new(er) vehicle. I've always wanted a truck...but I'll never sell Tina. She's a member of the family!

Well, I don't know who even reads this besides me, but I apologize (if only to myself) for not updating in over a month. I'll try to be a better blogger! Later...