Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Here I Am!

Whoa. St. Pat's was the last post.

My etsy store has been keeping my hands busy for the last few months, which has definitely been a blessing, but at the same time kind of turns them into this:

this is not me - flickr

Most of my sales have been minions, which I thoroughly enjoy making (for the most part), but I've had a bit of a lull lately, so I get to work my creative brain a bit and come up with new things. Yay!

this is me! minions - oh how i wish they were real

One of my coworkers kindly passed along some photos of his adorable little boy in his new adorable little hat. I have several more in the making (that will soon be mailed out to friends and family with adorable little ones) so stay tuned for more cute photos and new listings on etsy.