Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I dressed up as an 80s punk rocker today. Lets just say, I'm glad I wore bloomers under this short skirt. Although, I still gave the passersby at the gas station a pretty good show regardless. I was getting out of my car and the wind was blowing something fierce, resulting in skirt sailing up in the air AND debit card flying under the car. So I'm trying to pull my skirt back down where it belongs (all the while muttering "are you kidding me?" repeatedly) and THEN I've got to get down on my hands and knees and search under my car for my debit card (which, thankfully, had only traveled as far as my left rear tire). However, this holiday is definitely one of my favorites, so enduring the wind induced peep show is nothing compared to the endless stares and smiles I envoked while traversing across town today. I'll be sure and post a picture of me tomorrow. Man I love Halloween.
Hope everyone has a safe and wonderfully candy-filled night!

Friday, October 28, 2005

The hot guy up the street

Okay, so on my drive to work (it takes a whole 2 minutes), I drive past this one house. And almost every day, there is a very hot guy outside working. Some days he works on a car, some days the roof, some days its a construction project in the garage. This week, he's been working on a Habitat for Humanity house (its on a flatbed trailer parked out front). Since I moved to my new apartment in July, seeing this hot guy is one of the highlights of my day. We've actually begun to wave at each other every time I drive by (which is about 4 times a day--to work, home for lunch, back to work, and then home). Up until recently (damn the cold weather!), he has been shirtless. And he's a luscious dark brown, because he's outside all day.

Well, my car has been in the shop for the past week, so I've been driving a friend's car. He's still there everyday, but hasn't noticed me because I'm not driving my car. I wonder, has he missed me? Does he wonder where I've gone? Well, I got my car back yesterday (thank goodness!), and as I passed his house this morning on the way to work, I got a big wave from him. =) Thank God for the little things.

Monday, October 24, 2005

¿dónde está el baño?

Wow! What a great weekend!!! Here are the top ten things I learned on my trip to Mexico City:

2. There are flowers. Everywhere.
3. They love statues and fountains.
4. I should have brushed up on my español.
5. Two words: motion sickness.
6. If there is a VW headquarters, it must be Mexico City.
7. There are no turn signals, only horns.
8. Every lane is a turn lane. In either direction.
9. They can set up a market in about 2 minutes.
10. In general, we as Americans are very egocentric.

The highlights: the Dolores Olmedo museum (one of Diego Rivera's wives), Bulldog (an awesome club), the Turibus ride around downtown Mexico City, Cirque du Soleil, Becky and her roommates Anna and Chappy and her buddy Mike Jones (who? Mike Jones). I really had a lot of fun, and I'll try to do another post with more details later this week.

Here a few pictures, if you'd like to see them all, you can shoot me an email and I'll send you the link.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Here are a few pictures of my kiddo!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Viva Mexico!!

Okay, I'm now officially freaking out! I'm going to Mexico in two days. Two days!! Man, I'm excited. Last year, I went on a cruise with my family (I think there were 20 of us total) for Christmas, and we went to Yucatan/Progreso, Cozumel, and Belize. It was a blast! (you can check out december and january archives for the recap)

I'm going to visit Becky (a former roomie) in Mexico City. She's there going to grad school on a Rotary scholarship. She's got all sorts of awesome things planned for us: a hookah lounge, the zocalo, the palacio nacional, the bosque de chapultepec, maybe the zoo, and cirque de soleil!! So I'll be taking the next two days off to sleep so I have enough energy to do all of that. Hehe, just kidding.

So for those of you cool enough to get presents from me for Christmas and such, let me know whatcha want from Mexico.

Monday, October 17, 2005


So I just had a customer call, the ones that make you wish you didn’t have caller ID, because you groan as soon as their name pops up on the little screen. My boss bought his truck from this guy, and he owes him a few thousand dollars (loan difference or something). Well whenever they bring their computer(s) in, they want premium, lightning fast service. Like they’re holding something over our heads that should make us bow to their every whim. Normally, we’re pretty accommodating, but in the past few months, they’ve been in here several times. We actually had 3 of their machines in here all at once about a month ago. The wife is really demanding, calling too many times a day and when I tell her “I’ll call you when its ready,” she understands that to mean “just come by whenever and ask if your machine is done.” We’ve had their same POS e-machines in here about 3 times. We wipe it, re-install the OS, and it works fine for a few weeks, and then they bring it back in complaining that its freezing up. Well DUH. It’s a freakin e-machines! Not to mention the fact that when you load all sorts of crap on it, and frequent gaming/who knows what websites, you’re gonna get more crap on it. So this guy proceeds to say that we’re not doing our job, and how can we expect to do computer services for big companies when we can’t even take care of one machine, and it must be because my boss owes him money, and blah blah BLAH. I say, “Sir, I can assure you that we are NOT doing a half-ass job, and…” (he interrupts) “well I don’t see how you could be doing a good job, well, I just shouldn’t have called, you tell your boss that I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.” “Okay sir.” Click. Please, by all means, take your damn business elsewhere!

Friday, October 14, 2005

GO WILDCATS! Posted by Picasa


TGIF, in the worst kinda way! Man I'm glad its friday. What a week. Lets not re-hash, its over.

This weekend is Homecoming at ACU. Go Wildcats! Needless to say, I will be participating in many of the weekend's festivities. Tonight is JamFest on campus, lots of student bands, and a few returning alumni: Zane Williams and TJ McCloud. These guys are awesome. Check em out!

A snapshot of tomorrow:
6:30 AM--TKG Homecoming Breakfast
9:30 AM--Parade
10:45 AM--Chapel
2:00 PM--Football game

Probably do dinner with some old friends, perhaps catch "Seussical" at some point, maybe a little coffee at Java City. Who knows.

Some developing news: I may be buying a truck today!! Its a '97 Ford F-150, short bed, green. It fell right into my lap. Nothing is final yet, but I've got a loan secured (almost) with the bank, and the truck is currently being checked out by my mechanic. Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I want the truth...

Have you ever found out (through less than honorable means) that someone has lied to you? And when you confront that person, and ask for their complete honesty, they still lie to you? What if that person is your best friend? All I ask for is honesty. The truth. Even if it hurts more. I would rather have the damn truth, than be lied to. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...

Okay, Saturday is the big day. The University of Oklahoma vs. the university of texas. Here's what has happened over the last decade:

  • 1995: 24-24 Tie. I'd like to thank the genius that decided to change that stupid rule, who thought a game ending in a freakin tie was a good idea?!
  • 1996: 30-27 WIN in OT.
  • 1997: 24-27 Lost.
  • 1998: 3-34 Lost. Again. ENTER: Bob Stoops, assistant head coach from the University of Florida.
  • 1999: 28-38 Lost Sigh. We did, however, end the season at 7-5 and played in the Independence Bowl.
  • 2000: 63-14 WIN Hell Yeah! We went 13-0 this season, beating Florida State 13-2 in the Orange Bowl to win the National Championship.
  • 2001: 14-3 WIN
  • 2002: 35-24 WIN
  • 2003: 65-13 WIN This season, however, ended with a sad sorry loss in the Big 12 game to K-State (where I almost lost my fingers and toes cause it was so cold), and another sad sorry loss to damn LSU in the Sugar Bowl (Nat'l Championship). Yeah, I was at that game too.
  • 2004: 12-0 WIN Can you say, shut out?
And that brings us to 2005. We are currently 2-2, 1-0 in the Big 12. The question is not can we win on Saturday, of course we can! This game is more of a head game than anything, Mack Brown hasn't been able to do it in 5 years. The question is, Will we win? I just don't know.

but baby its cold outside...

So the front finally came in, and its feels like October outside. Yeeeeeeeehaw! I left my patio door open just enough to let the winter come inside, but not enough for Roxie to squeeze out. And I put a random curtain rod behind the sliding glass so nobody could sneak in and steal me away. =)

So, because of the rain, Roxie got to don her new little pink raincoat this morning. She's adorable! I'll get some pictures up later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Halloween Costumes

Okay, here are the choices so far:

*Biker chicks
*Dorothy & Toto
*Flappers (ala Chicago, her name is Roxie)
*Sonny & Cher
*Football players
*Super heros

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite. Write-ins are allowed, and please, no hanging chads.