Friday, October 14, 2005


TGIF, in the worst kinda way! Man I'm glad its friday. What a week. Lets not re-hash, its over.

This weekend is Homecoming at ACU. Go Wildcats! Needless to say, I will be participating in many of the weekend's festivities. Tonight is JamFest on campus, lots of student bands, and a few returning alumni: Zane Williams and TJ McCloud. These guys are awesome. Check em out!

A snapshot of tomorrow:
6:30 AM--TKG Homecoming Breakfast
9:30 AM--Parade
10:45 AM--Chapel
2:00 PM--Football game

Probably do dinner with some old friends, perhaps catch "Seussical" at some point, maybe a little coffee at Java City. Who knows.

Some developing news: I may be buying a truck today!! Its a '97 Ford F-150, short bed, green. It fell right into my lap. Nothing is final yet, but I've got a loan secured (almost) with the bank, and the truck is currently being checked out by my mechanic. Cross your fingers!


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