Friday, October 28, 2005

The hot guy up the street

Okay, so on my drive to work (it takes a whole 2 minutes), I drive past this one house. And almost every day, there is a very hot guy outside working. Some days he works on a car, some days the roof, some days its a construction project in the garage. This week, he's been working on a Habitat for Humanity house (its on a flatbed trailer parked out front). Since I moved to my new apartment in July, seeing this hot guy is one of the highlights of my day. We've actually begun to wave at each other every time I drive by (which is about 4 times a day--to work, home for lunch, back to work, and then home). Up until recently (damn the cold weather!), he has been shirtless. And he's a luscious dark brown, because he's outside all day.

Well, my car has been in the shop for the past week, so I've been driving a friend's car. He's still there everyday, but hasn't noticed me because I'm not driving my car. I wonder, has he missed me? Does he wonder where I've gone? Well, I got my car back yesterday (thank goodness!), and as I passed his house this morning on the way to work, I got a big wave from him. =) Thank God for the little things.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm I love those random hot guys. I had one of those in Norman. My frshman year there was this apt on Lindsey St. and every night I drove by he was sitting in this chair facing the window, or standin up w/no shirt on. It was just heavenly! Sadly, I think he moved b/c he always kept his blinds up and now they are always down :(
Brooke :)

Demosthenes said...

I tried taking my shirt of and working outside once and I think someone called the cops on me. :) Kidding, but that's totally what would happen if I tried that.

erin said...

Is he dateable? Within your age limitations, etc.? I'd figure out a way to run into him.... Actually, funny enough, my mom met her husband the same way. He use to ride is motorcycle every evening after work to unwind and it just so happened to go by her new house she moved into. She'd purposely go work in the yard around 5:30 when she knew he'd be coming by. Meanwhile, he asked everyone he knew who this new gal was... Finally one day, he was sitting at her stop sign and she stopped her mower and said, "are you going to introduce yourself already or are we going to just keep on waving?" They've been inseprable since then. Give it a try!