Monday, October 17, 2005


So I just had a customer call, the ones that make you wish you didn’t have caller ID, because you groan as soon as their name pops up on the little screen. My boss bought his truck from this guy, and he owes him a few thousand dollars (loan difference or something). Well whenever they bring their computer(s) in, they want premium, lightning fast service. Like they’re holding something over our heads that should make us bow to their every whim. Normally, we’re pretty accommodating, but in the past few months, they’ve been in here several times. We actually had 3 of their machines in here all at once about a month ago. The wife is really demanding, calling too many times a day and when I tell her “I’ll call you when its ready,” she understands that to mean “just come by whenever and ask if your machine is done.” We’ve had their same POS e-machines in here about 3 times. We wipe it, re-install the OS, and it works fine for a few weeks, and then they bring it back in complaining that its freezing up. Well DUH. It’s a freakin e-machines! Not to mention the fact that when you load all sorts of crap on it, and frequent gaming/who knows what websites, you’re gonna get more crap on it. So this guy proceeds to say that we’re not doing our job, and how can we expect to do computer services for big companies when we can’t even take care of one machine, and it must be because my boss owes him money, and blah blah BLAH. I say, “Sir, I can assure you that we are NOT doing a half-ass job, and…” (he interrupts) “well I don’t see how you could be doing a good job, well, I just shouldn’t have called, you tell your boss that I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.” “Okay sir.” Click. Please, by all means, take your damn business elsewhere!


Erin said...

LOVE the new look! Blue is my favorite color. I'm going with an autumn theme for my blog right now, how original huh? :) Thanks for the packing tips. Luckily, I'm leaving almost everything of mine in my mom's basement... I'm only taking what I can fit in my little care to Alabama with me. I've run into situations of toothbrush or favorite pair of black heels, toothbrush, heels... Oh the drama of moving. I need to freakin ad you to my list of blogs I check out, I've just been too lazy to. I will soon, promise!

erin said...

car I meant. Damn I'm dumb, I should proof read more often.

Demosthenes said...

Wow. Rough day. I saw a Southpark episode the other day (don't tell the teens in my youth group) where Cartman re-vitalized a dying amusement park by declaring that no one was allowed to enter. Then immediately everyone wanted in so he started letting people in on a limited basis but still rejecting most people until the demand for the park was so hot, he made a fortune.

Maybe you guys should do the same for your business. Just call the guy up and say "we're not allowing you to bring business here anymore". Ooh that'll piss him off and he'll desperately want to bring his business back.