Thursday, October 06, 2005

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...

Okay, Saturday is the big day. The University of Oklahoma vs. the university of texas. Here's what has happened over the last decade:

  • 1995: 24-24 Tie. I'd like to thank the genius that decided to change that stupid rule, who thought a game ending in a freakin tie was a good idea?!
  • 1996: 30-27 WIN in OT.
  • 1997: 24-27 Lost.
  • 1998: 3-34 Lost. Again. ENTER: Bob Stoops, assistant head coach from the University of Florida.
  • 1999: 28-38 Lost Sigh. We did, however, end the season at 7-5 and played in the Independence Bowl.
  • 2000: 63-14 WIN Hell Yeah! We went 13-0 this season, beating Florida State 13-2 in the Orange Bowl to win the National Championship.
  • 2001: 14-3 WIN
  • 2002: 35-24 WIN
  • 2003: 65-13 WIN This season, however, ended with a sad sorry loss in the Big 12 game to K-State (where I almost lost my fingers and toes cause it was so cold), and another sad sorry loss to damn LSU in the Sugar Bowl (Nat'l Championship). Yeah, I was at that game too.
  • 2004: 12-0 WIN Can you say, shut out?
And that brings us to 2005. We are currently 2-2, 1-0 in the Big 12. The question is not can we win on Saturday, of course we can! This game is more of a head game than anything, Mack Brown hasn't been able to do it in 5 years. The question is, Will we win? I just don't know.


Jim Naka said...
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Demosthenes said...

I feel a rousing rendition of "The eyes of Texas are upon you.." coming on.