Friday, February 27, 2009

Tiredness has caught up with me

It found me, today.

Life has been kind of crazy for me lately. Lots of different emotions running rampant. New things going on, windows that have opened only to slam shut a moment later, lots of traveling, seeing old friends and making new ones, family time, sadness, and happiness too.

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Catching up on the mundane things: laundry, cleaning, TV, sleep.

In order to have the wild and crazy weekends, I must have the quiet productive ones.

Monday, February 23, 2009

oh the weekend...

This weekend I traveled to Austin/Houston for Alex's birthday bash. A lot of driving, but totally worth it! Met up with the boys at Beluga Sushi in Round Rock Friday night. That place is fantastic! We had our own private room, no shoes allowed, and the table was set into the floor, so you basically sat at floor level with your feet underneath (check out the main image on their website). After a LOT of sushi ($230 worth) we made our way to a Hookah bar. I've never been to one before, it was far out! Totally right up my alley (and completely legal, btw, click here for info on what a hookah bar is). Hung out, did a little karaoke, stayed up late, woke up late, had a great homemade breakfast on Saturday morning and then we made our way to Skydive Houston. By the time we got there, they'd already made their last runs, but we did get to see the helicopter do it's thing. Completely awesome!!

We had bbq with the Skydive Houston folks, and crashed upstairs in their bunkhouse (bunkbeds! woohoo!). Up early on Sunday morning and while the boys got ready to skydive (I'm still sick and didn't skydive this time), I met Rob in Cypress for breakfast. It was SO good to see him, I miss that boy! Back at the ranch the boys had already done their thing, and it was our turn to go up in the helicopter! I got to sit copilot AND take photos of Alex as he jumped (twice). It was super cold up there (temp drops 2 degrees for every 1,000 feet), especially with the doors off (freaky!!) and we had the nifty headseats so we could talk to each other. I got some great shots of Alex jumping, and he got some of me too (on his way out of the helicopter, hehe) . I'll post the video as soon as he gets it together.

There sure were a lot of parenthetical things going on in the previous paragraph. :) Anyway...

Left town at 3 yesterday and took Jake back to Austin, then it was back to Abilene for me. I made it to the house just before 9, so I made damn good time! And no, I don't speed (too much), especially on 183. The cops freakin live on that road.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos!

Friday, February 13, 2009


If you know me, you know that family and friends are the most important thing in my life (other than Jesus). This past week several people close to my family have passed away.

My grandma always said that death comes in threes. It's an old wives tale, a superstition, but often - it seems it can be true. I wonder if there might be some purpose to that? If maybe God knows how hard that journey is, and that maybe he doesn't want us to do it alone. Or maybe in those times we can all lean on each other. Whatever it may be, it's tough when it happens to you and those close to you.

My Grandpa Turner passed away early Wednesday morning. He had gone to the hospital earlier in the day with chest pains, they had stabilized him and were preparing him for surgery when he passed. He was a wonderful man who adored his wife and family with all his heart, and he will absolutely be missed. I'm very thankful that we got to spend time with them in Indiana this past October, it was definitely a blessing.

I'll be flying up there tomorrow. God definitely blessed me with a crazy good plane ticket for this weekend, and my work is giving me 3 days off.

I couldn't ask for more amazing people in my life than my friends and family. I love you much.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

8 years later...

Back in the day (which I think was a Wednesday), I used to work for the Black-eyed Pea. I loved that place. The people (Tristan, Lysa, Jennifer, Chuck, Scot, Kayleen, Don, and others who's names have left me) were amazing, the food was great, and the tips were, well the tips weren't that great, but I loved working there anyway. One Sunday evening, I called up to the bar to see who was working. I had a hankering for their fantastically delicious Cheesy Potato Soup (Sunday's beloved 'soup of the day'). Nobody answered the phone. Well, that's weird. So I called again. Still - nothing. A bit bewildered (and still hungry), I got in my car and drove up there. When I pulled into the deserted parking lot, I saw a sign tacked up on the door. 'CLOSED.' I can't remember exactly what the sign said other than that, but I later found out that Phoenix Restaurant Group (the owner of the Black-eyed Pea and Denny's) declared bankruptcy and immediately closed several of their restaurants the night before. I believe the managers got a phone call earlier that Saturday and were told that when they locked the doors on Saturday night, that would be the last night of business. Crazy, huh?

I remember coming in later in the week to help pack up the restaurant. It was a sad day. I still have a tray table, a few aprons, a couple of books, and maybe a menu. I loved that place. If it hadn't ever closed, I'd probably be managing it today.

The last paycheck I received ended up bouncing, and they owed me one paycheck after that as well, somewhere around $250 total. I filled out all the paperwork for the bankruptcy claim, but I wasn't expecting to ever see that money.

Last week I received a check in the mail (at my parents house) for just over $300. Who sent me a $300 check? To my surprise, it was from Phoenix Restaurant Group. The paychecks they owed me, plus interest.

Well, I'll be damned...8 years later.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesdays are for Music-Lovers

I just wanted to share a few of the albums I've grown to love in the last few weeks.

Erin McCarley, Love, Save the Empty
This album is fan-freakin-tastic. So fantastic, in fact, that when I saw she was going to be in Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom that I couldn't pass it up. She opened for Brett Dennen (who is also pretty good). You may have heard her songs on Grey's Anatomy, or on the trailer for 'He's Just Not that Into You.'

Stoney LaRue, The Red Dirt Album
Pure Texas country. Down in Flames, and Forever Young are my current favorites. I also love Oklahoma Breakdown (on the Live @ Billy Bob's album). Coincidentally, I'm going to see him tomorrow night at the Lucky Mule. Hooray!

We Shot the Moon, Fear & Love
The tracks are happy. And it makes me want hop in the car and go for a drive with the top down and the stereo blaring. That kind of happy.

What are your favorite albums right now?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Netflix Greatest Kiss

To celebrate Valentine's Day and the greatest kisses on film, Netflix is looking for the best kissers in America.

The best kiss will win a trip to the city where anything can happen, Las Vegas, including plane tickets, two nights stay at Mandalay Bay and a romantic dinner for two at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

A friend of mine (and his improv friends) have submitted a few entries, and need your vote (and as many views as possible). Tell your friends!

Click and enjoy:

Super Bowl

It was quite a game, though I was hoping the Cardinals could pull off the upset. I think Kurt Warner is phenomenal, and he played an amazing game. The defense was incredible, with 3 stops in the red zone, but they came up short in the Steelers' last possession. They had 'em at 3rd and 6, one more stop and the game is over, but alas, they couldn't be stopped. Santonio Holmes' game-winning miraculous catch in the endzone stole the show.

And now, the Super Bowl ads. My favorites, in no particular order:

Coke, the Heist
Bridgestone, Hot Item
Firestone, Taters
Careerbuilder, Tips
Dorito's, Crystal Ball