Friday, February 13, 2009


If you know me, you know that family and friends are the most important thing in my life (other than Jesus). This past week several people close to my family have passed away.

My grandma always said that death comes in threes. It's an old wives tale, a superstition, but often - it seems it can be true. I wonder if there might be some purpose to that? If maybe God knows how hard that journey is, and that maybe he doesn't want us to do it alone. Or maybe in those times we can all lean on each other. Whatever it may be, it's tough when it happens to you and those close to you.

My Grandpa Turner passed away early Wednesday morning. He had gone to the hospital earlier in the day with chest pains, they had stabilized him and were preparing him for surgery when he passed. He was a wonderful man who adored his wife and family with all his heart, and he will absolutely be missed. I'm very thankful that we got to spend time with them in Indiana this past October, it was definitely a blessing.

I'll be flying up there tomorrow. God definitely blessed me with a crazy good plane ticket for this weekend, and my work is giving me 3 days off.

I couldn't ask for more amazing people in my life than my friends and family. I love you much.