Friday, September 30, 2005


Okay, I know, I know. Some of you will shake your head at this, but I don't care, she's my dog.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE Halloween, its right up there with the 4th of July for me. (What? Your favorite holiday is Christmas? Yeah, yours and everyone else's.) Anyway, back to the point of this post. I want to dress Roxie up for Halloween. There are so many cute costumes out there, that I'm having a hard time choosing. I thought, perhaps, that we could coordinate and dress alike. Biker chicks? Cowgirls? French maids? (HAHAHA) I am now taking suggestions. Whoever can come up with the coolest costumes, wins, um.... I don't know. They'll win something cool. Maybe a piece of pottery made by yours truly, or a giant super-size bag of Smarties.

Let the games begin.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

missing someone?

Phone call that took place at approximately 9:35 this morning:

My apartments: "Heather?"

Me: "Yes?"

Apts: "Are you missing someone?"

Me: "Um, my dog?" (who was in the apartment when I left this morning)

Apts: "Yeah, we found her roaming around on the property."

Me: "Hmm, she must've gotten out, the little rat."

Apts: "Well did you leave her on the patio?"

Me: "No."


Apts: "Oh...kay."

Me: "I left the window open a bit and she must have popped the screen off and climbed out."

Apts: "OH, okay."

Me: "I'll be right there."

Never underestimate a smart dog.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Top 5

Top 5
Alright, here's my top five. Copy, paste, and post your own answers if you dare...

Five things I plan to do before I die.
1. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.
2. Get married and have some kiddos.
3. Skydive.
4. Become a true artist (who actually sells stuff).
5. See my boys win the national championship.

Five things I can do.
1. Fajitas!
2. Break a board.
3. Play the guitar.
4. Run an office (efficiently even).
5. Put up drywall.

Five things I cannot do.
1. Water ski/Snow ski.
2. Do that sexy growl thing. Dang it.
3. Put my clothes away.
4. Eat a raw onion. Ewwww.
5. Stay mad at someone.

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex.
1. Sense of humor.
2. Beautiful eyes.
3. Courtesy.
4. Passion and intensity.
5. That look.

Five things I say most often
1. I will kick you in the face.
2. Um, sure.
3. Oh..kay.
4. Hey, whatcha doin?
5. Where you at?

Five celebrity crushes
1. Johnny Depp
2. Keith Urban
3. Matthew McConaughey
4. Matthew Perry
5. Brad Pitt

Five things that annoy the hell out of me
1. Pen clicking.
2. When grass gets stuck in your flip flops.
3. People who don't turn into their own lanes.
4. Popcorn chompers at the movies.
5. 100 degree weather in September.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

do ya feel me?

Okay, let me just go on record and say, relationships suck. Anyone else agree? Things are truckin along, everything seems fine, then bam! All hell breaks loose and your seemingly perfect-ish world is turned upside down. And there seems to be no specific, well, at least no good reason for it. In the course of these things, I have forgotten what its like to be alone. I'm definitely an awesome gal, so I should have no problem hanging out with 'me.' But after having someone to depend on and take care of (and vice versa), hanging out solo just plain sucks.

And that's all I have to say about that.

For now.