Monday, October 24, 2011

New Stuff

We've been working our hands to the bone for the last few weeks - lots of new stuff in the Yarnaholics shop. If you haven't Liked us on Facebook, what are you waiting for? We'll be having a giveaway once we reach 200 fans, and we also post coupon codes there as well.

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 Cupcake beanies


 Angry Birds pig




 Sock Monkey

Owl, version 2

Monday, October 03, 2011

Tattoo, the third

Sister and I took our second annual M5/Tattoo trip to DFW last weekend. After driving in traffic hell for nearly two hours (20 miles), we finally made it to Fair Park for the show. We completely missed Matt Nathanson and about 30 minutes of Train's set. Oh well. We were there to see Maroon 5, anyway and we had to park in the boonies, which actually gave us a super easy exit. Excellent seats, excellent show. Have I shared with you my love for Maroon 5? It is immense. This show makes #6. They're amazing.

Oh Adam. How I love you.

Sister's phone takes pretty decent photos.
Saturday we hit Cat Tattoo and spent most of the day getting new ink. Well, mine took a whole 30 minutes, but sister's took nearly 3 hours. I new I wanted a wrist tattoo, but until a few weeks ago I had yet to decide what. Words of some sort...a phrase? And then it hit me. Harmony. I'm all about harmony - in music, in life. It's something to strive for. A little font searching and whammo - I found it (Scriptina). It all came together in about an hour. I love when that happens.

Sister's Tattoo - she totally stole my thunder, her tat is so beautiful!

It's almost all healed up already. I love it. If you live in the DFW area, or Texas at all (or Oklahoma for that matter) - consider Cat Tattoo in Addison. All three of my tats were done at Cat.Professional, clean, talented artists, good prices. You won't be disappointed.