Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Okay, so after the wonderfully long Thanksgiving break, I am exhausted! Must've been all that shopping on Friday...

Anyways--the countdown to the cruise has begun. 11 days! Eleven! Whoa...I cannot wait. I took a scuba refresher course, and I'm ready to dive! Except that I cannot find my PADI card. Its in my house somewheres. Gotta find it. We're going to Cozumel, Yucatan/Progreso, and Belize. We're gonna dive in Belize. There are 19 of us going, Leslie can't go (dumb OU profs), so Becky D is going! She's gonna speak-a the Spanish so we can get us some good deals (and maybe some mexican mens)

Grrr....computer problems! Its funny how when I go on vacation, my computer decides to go on vacation as well. Had a gazillion pop-ups this morning, and each time I tried to close one, it gave me that annoying beep noise, and then popped up another ad! Dang it! And now, my accounting software is not working. It was fine last week! I think someone has infiltrated my office, and is trying to shut me down. It won't work! My boyfriend is a computer genius! He won't let you shut me down! I won't be shut down!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

"Rain, rain, go away..."

So there is definitely something to be said about a rainy Sunday afternoon. But when that rainy Sunday afternoon is preceded by a rainy Friday and Saturday, and followed by a rainy Monday, well kids, that just stinks!

Today has definitely been a Monday. Out of my mind busy this morning, no lunch till about 4, and a lovely hour and a half at the washateria. I'd never been to this particular laundromat before, and let me just tell you folks, sometimes watching people is more entertaining than just about anything. Seeing how people sink into their own little worlds, listening to little children run wild while their parents hardly seem to notice, and realizing that the more you watch that little light on the washing machine, the slower it seems to go.

Anyways...back to more fun things. Saturday was Jamie Hooten's birthday, the big 2-4. (Which I too will be turning in a few short weeks *insert old joke here*). Becky and Emily both came up for the soiree, joining Jamie, Harry, Alex, and myself for a lovely evening of delicious food and fabulous entertainment. Although I did not get to partake in the musical festivities for long, I know it was all kinds of wonderfulness. And yes, the rumor is true: Emily and I will be auditioning for Nashville Star. We're both submitting videos, and going to the audition at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth next month. Yay for musical embarrassment! ha ha ha.

I wanna give a shout out to my Sooners up in Norman: 10-0 BABY!! Orange Bowl here we come!!! *cue the band* Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

George W!

Okay, so by a show of hands, how many of you voted today? Good, good. Now for those of you who did not raise your hands...um, what were you thinking?!?!? I hope everybody voted...

Anyway, now that I've addressed that, we'll talk about funner stuff (and yes, funner is a word). So last night Alex and I joined Kuk Sool Won (Korean martial arts). And lets just say, there are muscles in my butt I did not know I had. It was really cool though, they have classes 4 nights a week, and we're going back tonight. You start off as a white belt, and Alex is a blue belt (two belts above me). I'm just hoping that tonight is not the super-cardio workout night--I might not survive.

Okay, so George Huff (my favorite American Idol contestant of all time) is releasing a holiday EP entitled "My Christmas EP." It drops next Tuesday, November 9th. Go get it! It'll be amazing! Oh yeah, Clay Aiken has a Christmas CD that comes out on November 16th. Go to Grassroots Music, they're running an American Idol Christmas special (both CDs for $18.49).

So Homecoming was super fun! It was so good to see everyone. Here's a few pictures: the GSP float, Homecoming breakfast, and one of the KM (love you girls!) *gsh*

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