Tuesday, November 02, 2004

George W!

Okay, so by a show of hands, how many of you voted today? Good, good. Now for those of you who did not raise your hands...um, what were you thinking?!?!? I hope everybody voted...

Anyway, now that I've addressed that, we'll talk about funner stuff (and yes, funner is a word). So last night Alex and I joined Kuk Sool Won (Korean martial arts). And lets just say, there are muscles in my butt I did not know I had. It was really cool though, they have classes 4 nights a week, and we're going back tonight. You start off as a white belt, and Alex is a blue belt (two belts above me). I'm just hoping that tonight is not the super-cardio workout night--I might not survive.

Okay, so George Huff (my favorite American Idol contestant of all time) is releasing a holiday EP entitled "My Christmas EP." It drops next Tuesday, November 9th. Go get it! It'll be amazing! Oh yeah, Clay Aiken has a Christmas CD that comes out on November 16th. Go to Grassroots Music, they're running an American Idol Christmas special (both CDs for $18.49).

So Homecoming was super fun! It was so good to see everyone. Here's a few pictures: the GSP float, Homecoming breakfast, and one of the KM (love you girls!) *gsh*