Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Okay, so after the wonderfully long Thanksgiving break, I am exhausted! Must've been all that shopping on Friday...

Anyways--the countdown to the cruise has begun. 11 days! Eleven! Whoa...I cannot wait. I took a scuba refresher course, and I'm ready to dive! Except that I cannot find my PADI card. Its in my house somewheres. Gotta find it. We're going to Cozumel, Yucatan/Progreso, and Belize. We're gonna dive in Belize. There are 19 of us going, Leslie can't go (dumb OU profs), so Becky D is going! She's gonna speak-a the Spanish so we can get us some good deals (and maybe some mexican mens)

Grrr....computer problems! Its funny how when I go on vacation, my computer decides to go on vacation as well. Had a gazillion pop-ups this morning, and each time I tried to close one, it gave me that annoying beep noise, and then popped up another ad! Dang it! And now, my accounting software is not working. It was fine last week! I think someone has infiltrated my office, and is trying to shut me down. It won't work! My boyfriend is a computer genius! He won't let you shut me down! I won't be shut down!!!!