Thursday, September 29, 2005

missing someone?

Phone call that took place at approximately 9:35 this morning:

My apartments: "Heather?"

Me: "Yes?"

Apts: "Are you missing someone?"

Me: "Um, my dog?" (who was in the apartment when I left this morning)

Apts: "Yeah, we found her roaming around on the property."

Me: "Hmm, she must've gotten out, the little rat."

Apts: "Well did you leave her on the patio?"

Me: "No."


Apts: "Oh...kay."

Me: "I left the window open a bit and she must have popped the screen off and climbed out."

Apts: "OH, okay."

Me: "I'll be right there."

Never underestimate a smart dog.


Erin said...

Hopefully you don't live on the 3rd floor or something. I want to get a dog, but I have to wait 6 more months until Joe and I can buy a place and settle down some. But I already know he's going to be a miniture weiner dog named Charlie. I can't wait. :) I'm going to be one of those horrible pet owners that dresses him up for Halloween, but he's going to be a stud. Have a great weekend and thanks for bookmarking me.