Tuesday, February 10, 2009

8 years later...

Back in the day (which I think was a Wednesday), I used to work for the Black-eyed Pea. I loved that place. The people (Tristan, Lysa, Jennifer, Chuck, Scot, Kayleen, Don, and others who's names have left me) were amazing, the food was great, and the tips were, well the tips weren't that great, but I loved working there anyway. One Sunday evening, I called up to the bar to see who was working. I had a hankering for their fantastically delicious Cheesy Potato Soup (Sunday's beloved 'soup of the day'). Nobody answered the phone. Well, that's weird. So I called again. Still - nothing. A bit bewildered (and still hungry), I got in my car and drove up there. When I pulled into the deserted parking lot, I saw a sign tacked up on the door. 'CLOSED.' I can't remember exactly what the sign said other than that, but I later found out that Phoenix Restaurant Group (the owner of the Black-eyed Pea and Denny's) declared bankruptcy and immediately closed several of their restaurants the night before. I believe the managers got a phone call earlier that Saturday and were told that when they locked the doors on Saturday night, that would be the last night of business. Crazy, huh?

I remember coming in later in the week to help pack up the restaurant. It was a sad day. I still have a tray table, a few aprons, a couple of books, and maybe a menu. I loved that place. If it hadn't ever closed, I'd probably be managing it today.

The last paycheck I received ended up bouncing, and they owed me one paycheck after that as well, somewhere around $250 total. I filled out all the paperwork for the bankruptcy claim, but I wasn't expecting to ever see that money.

Last week I received a check in the mail (at my parents house) for just over $300. Who sent me a $300 check? To my surprise, it was from Phoenix Restaurant Group. The paychecks they owed me, plus interest.

Well, I'll be damned...8 years later.


RAB said...

That's good Karma Heather