Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Baltimore--Part One

So a few weekends ago I flew out to Baltimore to visit my good friends Larinda and Loza (who flew up from NC). I have never been to that part of the US of A before, and lets just say it was fabulous! They have actual trees, and they're everywhere!! They weren't changing colors yet (a little too early), but it was still gorgeous.

On Saturday we drove up to the Inner Harbor in the heart of Baltimore. We spent all day wandering the crowded streets, taking in the ocean air, and for a little while, being amused and entertained by a crazy Australian man. He was a knife/torch/chainsaw juggling comedian who rode around on a bicycle. Seriously, I was cracking my crack he was so funny. Check out the picture below.

There was also an acappella group, who did mostly motown stuff. They were great! And they had a crazy man in the audience who danced to their music...the entire time. He was almost as entertaining as the group itself.

Later that night, we took the water taxi out to Fell's Point. Okay, now this was a bit of an adventure. Let me back up a little. Loza and Larinda wanted to go back and get a few souvenirs, I elected to wander around the discovery channel store, where I spent most of my time in a massage chair. This caused me to buy a massage book (since I've secretly...or not so secretly...harbored the thought of being a massage therapist). Since we were in Maryland, on the coast, it was pretty much required for us to have some seafood, but being out-of-staters, I asked the lady behind the counter where the best place to have crab was, and she told me to go to Obrycki's. (Apparently it was in some book called "100 places you have to go before you die" or something like that). So this takes us back to Fell's Point. Once we docked, we apparently decided to take the road less traveled and ended up in the ghetto. We saw a fight break out on the street, were thankfully redirected to a better route by the only other white person there, and eventually made it to Obrycki's. It was here, we discovered, that all of the other white people were But the crabs were amazing, well worth the adventure. They dumped em out on the table, gave us some hammers, knives, and a bib and we were ready to go. MmMmMm. Tasty. We made it back to the water taxi, more or less unscathed (except for some crazy mexican men who wanted to marry us...hahahahaha). The day was great.

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode--Washington D.C.


brooksie said...

Yay for you being a blogger now! Welcome to the dark side! ;)
-Brooke Looper