Tuesday, December 28, 2004

When the boat's a rockin...

People are tossing their cookies left and right. Geez, the waves were huge and the wind was ridiculous Tuesday night. They had to cancel our catamaran trip in Cozumel on Wednesday because the wind was so high. So we went shopping all day instead. A little disappointing, but still fun. Becky wore her Chivas soccer jersey, so all day long people were talking to us, "Viva las Chivas!!" or "No Chivas, Pumas!!" Interacting with the locals: definitely fun. So that pretty much sums up Cozumel. We got some great gifts and souvenirs (yay for the tiki god!). Becky and I separated from my parents and decided we'd do a little more shopping and meet them back at the boat. I forgot that I had given my cruise card to my mom when we left the boat. Yeah, gotta have that to get back on the boat. Dang. Good thing we were heading back sorta early, Becky went back to the boat to look for them, and I sat down at the gate to try and intercept 'em. I saw them about 10 minutes later, lol. So that was good, cause dang...I don't know anyone in Cozumel.

The trip to Belize City was a lot calmer, so we were definitely thankful for that. Arrived in Belize Thursday morning, and myself, Richard, David, Kim, Jared, and about 15 others headed on a 48-ft boat called Papa Joe to our dive spot in Turneffe Atoll. After being a bit nauseous on the big boat a few nights before, I wasn't quite prepared for Papa Joe. I think I might have turned a lovely shade of gray, and stayed that way till we anchored. Our first dive was at Jo Jo's Split. We saw some incredible stuff: shrimp, lobster, tons of brightly colored fish, a sea turtle! We then boarded the ship again, and I again was ready to 'feed the fish' so they say. Once we got to our second spot, Lee Helen's Melons, and got back in the water, I was okay. Second dive was not as cool as the first one, although I did see a barracuda off in the distance, and a spotted eel (doing the hand motion!). Back on the boat, I finally 'fed the fish' (tossed my cookies). I felt a lot better after that, but was ready to get back to the big boat. All in all, my first ocean dive was fabulous, it was the boat ride that was not so fun. I guess I'll pause the story here, stay tuned for episode 3!