Monday, January 03, 2005

And then there were 2...

2 days left on the boat. man, what a great week! We spent most of Thursday laying out and making friends with the employees. Becky's friend Carlos gave Krista, Becky, and me free airbrush tattoos (yay for free!) I got a butterfly on my lower back, and it really made me want a real one. dang it.

Saturday's weather was pretty yucky, it was too cold to even layout! I was pretty ready to get back on dry, non-rocking land. Thinking about going on a cruise? I'd suggest a 5-day for your first one, it just seemed a little long (although I enjoyed every minute--for the most part).

Going through customs on Sunday morning was a bit chaotic, but we made it through just fine. No one got their stuff taken away, and no one got hauled off by the fuzz, so that was good. The trip back to Abilene was a bit long, but I was glad to be off the rocking boat, except for a few days after, I kept running into stuff and getting dizzy every now and then.

I've been dreaming about the cruise lately, it was the best vacation ever! If you get a chance, definitely go! Well worth the dough we spent. I guess this concludes the Cruise, sniff sniff. Back to the daily routine (which does NOT include room service, laying out by the pool, and fruity drinks).