Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hmmm, I didn't quite understand you...

You know what I hate? Voice automated answering services. You call and have to make your way through a seemingly endless maze of choices, none of which is why you called in the first place. I have discovered, however, that if you say "operator" enough times, you might just get to talk to an actual person! This does not work on all systems though, use with caution.

So the past few weeks have brought several changes into my life. First, I'm single again. Yuck. There really ought to be some "break-up" rules as far as timing is concerned: No dumping around the holidays, especially Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's. Also, avoid all anniversaries and birthdays. It sucks to be dumped at all, but it seems to suck even more when the timing is bad.

Second, I moved! Not too far, just down the street really. There's not much I like about moving, except that you get to start all over with decorating. After living by myself for several years, I've accumulated a lot of crap. This time, however, I was determined to throw stuff away, the more you toss, the less you have to move. I think I got rid of at least 6 or 7 trash bags full of stuff, mostly junk mail and papers. (these somehow seemed to have made it through my last couple of moves, but not anymore!) Our new place is two bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath, with a big kitchen/dining room and a good size living room. So far, the living room is the only room finished, so at least we have a place to chill and watch tv (all 5 channels worth). Next room on the clean-up agenda: the kitchen. So that's what I'm doing tonight, and hopefully it won't take me very long. Then its on to my bedroom. I'm a little nervous, because there sure are a lot of boxes in there. But it is bigger than my previous bedroom, so hopefully everything will fit. Keep those fingers crossed!

I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to my parents first of all, because they worked their rears off (as usual) to help me out. THANK YOU also to my very own movers for helping on Saturday: Chris Cummings, Jamie Hooten, and Larinda Smith. You guys are awesome!! I've always said, you find out who your true friends are when you move. Love y'all!

Well, I've been cleaning up the office all day, but my break is over. I'll leave you with a thought for today:

"The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory." --Paul Fix