Friday, February 11, 2005

finally friday!

It's friday, can I get a Hooo-ah!?! Tomorrow Christy, Leslie (my sister), and I are going to Blushes Salon in Granbury to be pampered. I'm getting a one-hour Swedish massage and a pedicure, and I am SO looking forward to it. I pulled a muscle in my neck a few days ago (still not sure what caused this), and I need a massage in a bad way! I can actually move my head to the right and left today, which is an improvement, but it is pretty sore still, as are my shoulders. (man, there, were, a, lot, of, commas, in, that, sentence,) ha. After being pampered at Blushes, we're going to dinner with Emily! Then we're heading to Billy Bob's to see Dierks Bentley, he's hot (and talented). Its gonna be a fun weekend!!!

Had my second pottery class today. So far I've made 2 coffee cups, 2 vases, a bowl, and a plate. I'm finding that the more I immerse myself in it, the more I remember. Larinda came and watched me throw on the wheel today, so that was cool. I love this stuff, getting all dirty and messy and making something beautiful or useful or weird and unusual out of a big hunk of unformed clay. Hmmm, is there a spiritual correlation here? Yep, I think so. God does the same thing with us. We're just a big pile of unformed clay, He molds and shapes us, puts us through fire to make us stronger, and adds elements to us that make us uniquely His.

So there's my thoughts for the day. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Heather! I miss you! I hope you had a great V-day weekend!


brooksie said...

ooo, pampering is nice :)