Wednesday, May 18, 2005


What a crazy weekend it was! I took a friend to Austin Saturday morning, and then drove on to San Antonio. Then Becky, Sarah (her cousin), and I went to see The Game and Snoop Dogg in concert! We had insanely close seats, and for The Game we went up to the front and danced the night away. They made us go back to our own seats for Snoop though, those dang security people. Oh well, we were still really close (in the orchestra pit). I'm telling ya, we were definitely buzzin from all the weed smoke in the air. I never saw anyone actually smoking it, except for Snoop and his entourage on stage of course, but you got a big whiff of it every few minutes. Craziness! We had a blast groovin to all the old school songs, took me back to junior high...hahaha.

Not sure what my next concert will be yet, there are several people I'd like to see. I don't have anything lined up though, which is sad! Perhaps the Willie Nelson picnic (speaking of weed, lol) for the 4th of July weekend. Not sure though. Man I love this time of year, concerts concerts, and more concerts! Bring on the bands!

Lata, fo shizzle my nizzles...