Tuesday, May 31, 2005

weekend with the fam

Spent Memorial weekend with the family, and a good time was had by all. We met up in Wichita Falls for a little shopping and dining on Saturday night. Had a lazy Sunday, complete with an afternoon ride on Dad's motorcycle (sweeeeeet, but cut short by the rain) and a night out at the movies. Mom & Dad went and saw Star Wars and Leslie and I opted for House of Wax. It was pretty good, a little cheeseball and predictable, but good. Got to take a longer ride on the bike Monday, super fun! Makes me want one reeeeeeeal bad. Dad cooked out for dinner, we had smoked pork, corn on the cob, baked potatoes (all cooked on the grill), and homemade ice cream (not cooked on the grill). We had a good ole family meal with the grandparents and Diane & Krista. Leslie and I went and saw Madagascar after that (my 2nd time to see it, its really cute! I loooove those crazy penguins!). I got up SUPER early this morning and drove back to Abilene, made it to work and clocked in a whole 2 minutes early. Talk about good timing.

Finally got to meet Leslie's new puppy, BJ. He's half Labrador and half German Shepherd. We call him a Gerbrador. =) He's got the German Shepherd ears, and when he looks at you a certain way, they fold together in the middle, its precious! Check him out, he's a cutie! I bought him that flamingo toy, he loves it!


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