Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well, I've been looking for a dog for several weeks now, and this one fell right into my lap! John at CGS next door got her from a friend of his (who got her from PetSmart I believe). She and that lady's other dogs didn't get along, and she didn't get along with John's lab either. Alex and I went over to their house to meet the dog, and ended up taking her home. She's absolutely adorable! I renamed her Roxanne (ala Sting), Roxie for short (thanks Leslie!). She's a 3 yr old mix, not sure exactly of what, but likely poodle and cocker spaniel, which would make her a Cockapoo! lol. She's black and weighs about 9lbs. She's so sweet, loves to cuddle, knows how to sit and dance, loves to ride in the car with her ears flapping in the wind (don't we all), and turns in circles when she's ready to go outside.

We introduced her to Blue (Alex's wonderful Blue Heeler) Saturday night, and they got along very well. We actually left them in Alex's apartment for several hours, both of us a bit worried, but there were two whole dogs there to greet us later. =) Its good for them both to have a buddy, and they seem to like each other alot.

Having a bit of drama with my aparment complex. They're being bastards, and I'm getting madder by the day. That's usually the way it works out with landlords. Now, don't get me wrong, I have had some awesome landlords (thanks go out to Nikki and Mark). But I've also had my share of crappy ones, Monette Y. being the foremost crappy one in my mind. Upped my rent by $100 with only 2 weeks notice, threatened to take me to court when I told her I was moving out (after trying to reason with her), and then not returning my security deposit or answering any of my certified letters concerning that deposit. There is one word that sums her up: Bitch. We've still got some negotiating to do with my current apartments. Had an overflowing toilet and bathtub (neither of which I was using at the time), and it wasn't fixed until 8 days later. They offered me a whole $25 off of next month's rent for my inconvenience. Thanks but no thanks! I'm at least owed 8 days worth of rent. That's all I want. And maybe not to have to pay the stupid $500 pet charge. I will never understand that.

Well, enough blabbing for now. I'll try and keep you posted.


brooksie said...

Roxie's soo cute!!

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