Monday, March 24, 2008

why hello there

Well its only been 4 months this time.

What's been going on with me? Lets see:

1. New job. I had like 5, but now, I have 1.5. Which is great. Really great. And I have health insurance. And normal business hours. And less responsibility. And more pay. And fabulous coworkers. Did I mention how great it is? Because it is. Great.

2. A shortage of best friends. Two have left me so far this year. Another is leaving in May. Apparently its exodus time in Abilene, and I didn't get the memo. Oh right, my new job. My great job. Think I'll stick around, at least for a little while longer.

3. Kristie gave me her trampoline.

4. My art studio is really taking shape. The parents were down this weekend and helped me put up some shelves. It looks so much more professional now. Excitement! Now if I can just find a cheap pottery wheel. =)

5. Still doing the praise team thing at Beltway. I'm so glad to be involved with music and singing again. I just got a keyboard, and I'm trying to teach myself. We'll see.

6. I'm losing weight. For real this time. And I feel healthier already. And its apparently noticeable, which is nice.

I guess that's it for now. And I promise I'll be back soon.


Raena said...

Yes. There will be room for you to come visit.

Yay for the job!

You can exodus to SA anytime!

Camden loves trampolines.

Did you sing when Max came to Beltway?

I need to loose weight...what are you doing?

I love you!

LJ said...

Totally love your short hair!!! Super cute! Austin is another "exodus" strategy ./wink

Leslie said...

I need to update your new blog address on my website. Congrats on the weight loss. Congrats on the art studio as well. Brian & I are headed to Virginia & I hope in the extra bedroom we have to set up shop since I haven't painted in over two years. Take care and keep in touch.