Thursday, August 28, 2008

artistic endeavors

Out of purely serendipitous acquaintances (and facebook), I learned that you can audit art classes at McMurry. *insert heavenly choir and bright lights here* I still have not officially enrolled in the class (though I've faxed my audit paperwork in, but no one seems to have seen it), tonight is class #2 of Beginner Ceramics. I am absolutely ecstatic about this class. The professor is easy-going and very talented. She also likes to do alternative firing. I. Cannot. Wait. A friend and I are both auditing this class, and she has told us that we are welcome to participate in any/all of the class projects, but we can do whatever we want. It's amazing. The thought of having at 6 hours a week in a pottery class, and a key to the building giving me 24/7 access, well, it's about to make my head explode.

In light of this new fantasticness, I am probably going to let the studio go. So for those of you who never saw my work in an actual gallery space, shame on you. I've been there for almost a year. And it was a great year. But it's time to move on to cheaper and better things.



RAB said...

WONDERFUL!!! I'm so happy about the class. If I wasn't so busy I think I would audit a class like that or something similiar. I hope it all goes well.

P.S. YES shame on all of you who didn't see Heather's studio (cause it rocked)