Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools madness!

I freakin' love April Fool's Day, mostly cause I get to use the word 'hijinks.' That's a great word.

Speaking of hijinks...I decided that our oft-neglected office mascots were in need of a little flair today. Don't they look nice?

I also conspired with a friend on facebook and changed my status to 'engaged' for the day. I honestly cannot believe how many people bought it. Now, to be fair to my out-of-townies, how could they know? But to you Abilenians...come on! Too hilarious!! To officially end our 'engagement' we had a violent breakup. Again, over facebook. Ya gotta love facebook.

Alex was busy in Austin last night. He was MUCH more clever than I:

April Fools Foam peanut bomb - Watch more