Friday, March 27, 2009

A storm of epic proportions?

That's what they said on the news last night. So far all we've seen here in A-town is a blustery north wind and a bit of mist. AAAAAAAAACK! Run for the hills! Just don't run north, because that's where all of the bad weather is. Blizzards and talk of 2 feet of snow up in the panhandle.

Everybody seems shocked at this wintry weather so late in the spring. Hellooooo, we always have a cold snap around Easter. It's just a few weeks early.

But enough about the weather.

I'm going to be a very busy girl in the next few months. I've got a trip to Houston coming up, with the possibility of doing several photo shoots while I am there. More experience, new photos in new places, AND seeing my friends. I'm pumped. Throw in a family reunion in east Texas, and then two friends getting married in May, and then a pregnancy shoot and maybe a family shoot in May/June. Yippee! I'm tired. Hehe.

Last night I spent a good two hours throwing on the wheel at McMurry. When I first walked in, I just didn't feel like I had any creative juices flowing, but decided (since my favorite wheel was open) that I'd go ahead and do some throwing. I ended up with 10 bowls (I threw 12, but two died very sad deaths-one at my own hands, and the other Jud knocked off the table). I'm hoping I have at least one uniform-ish set in there, possibly two. We shall see. I may make an appearance at Artwalk in May, depending on what kind of work I have finished. I'd really like to do some fun photos mounted in fun ways, have some good pots, and some jewelry. Hopefully the creative bug will stick around for awhile.


Raena said...

i just wanted you to know i was thinkin bout ya. i got your letter awhile never fail to make me smile. i keep meaning to write you back - but who am i kidding - i cant even pee in peace. :)