Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spin kicks and stir crazy.

Last night I almost skipped my martial arts class. I get off work at 5, and the class doesn't start until 7:15. I almost always enjoy the class, it's just a matter of not wanting to get up and go somewhere after being home for awhile. I need to find something to do besides go home and sit on the couch. Anyway, I decided that I needed to go, and I haven't missed a class in three weeks, I'm on a roll!

Last night after doing our standard warm-up (which usually involves 50 jumping jacks and then lots of stretching), we partnered up to work on spin kicks. Spin kicks are my least favorite because I get really dizzy after 5 or 6 of them. I can usually switch sides and make myself un-dizzy, but it's hard (which means I need more practice). Anyway, we partner up and the instructor tells us to do 50 spin kicks. On each leg. That's 100 spin kicks. Holy crap. After all of those spin kicks, I was seriously nauseous. For the rest of class. We ended up doing a lot more kicks (more spin kicks! Ugh!) and some front rolls, all of which made the nausea even worse. To end class, thankfully, we did some weapons training (which did not involve spinning around). I love weapons training.

On another note, I was told yesterday that I spend too much time on the internet, and I'm no longer allowed to do anything on the web unless it is work related (ordering supplies, sending packages, etc.). While I understand that thinking (to a degree), I do NOT have enough work to do to fill up the day. So…either give me more work to do, or allow me to read a book or something. Otherwise, I will go crazy. CRAZY! Putting iTunes on shuffle and playing Name That Tune will only occupy me for so long.

This is just further confirmation that I need a new job, one that challenges me and uses all of my skills and abilities. And preferably one that doesn't require me to answer the phone 500 times a day.


Vicki said...

Ahhhhhh... that is why I did not see you on FACEBOOK today.