Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend, briefly

I got my Blackberry in the mail on Friday!! I bought it off of ebay on Tuesday (I think?). I've been looking for a new phone (the Hue still works pretty well, but I'm tired of it), and when I saw how many Blackberries are on eBay, well, I decided that's what I needed. It's cute and pink and awesome. I shall call it my Raspberry.
Spent almost 2 hours in martial arts on Friday, and it was much needed. I was in Florida for a week, and then was sick the next week, so I was pretty rusty. It's amazing how quickly you can forget things when you don't practice them regularly. My instructor is awesome, he'd been pushing for some one-on-one training and I finally gave in. He wants me to start training for my blackbelt. Hopefully I can start on that soon. You've been warned! ;)

Saturday, Cassi & Jess and I got up at the crack of dawn and hit the garage sales. We scored lots of fun items, a few of which will likely appear as a Before & After project in the next few weeks. I also found some cute little outfits for Roxanne (she was super excited).

We went out to the Buffalo Gap flea market (which they have once a month). Got some DELICIOUS tomatoes. Seriously, they are homegrown amazing. I wish I had a photo of them. Maybe I'll do that tonight. But I only have two left.

On Sunday, I said goodbye to a good friend who's heading to California today. I will miss you, but October 17th is not too far away. You should probably start preparing yourself for a loss, though. :) BOOMER SOONER baby!

Had a wonderful little rainstorm last night just as I was going to sleep, and another one rolled through first thing this morning. Kevin Fowler put it perfectly: "I love the sound of rain on a tin roof on a hot summer's night..."

Happy Monday!


Anne @ The City Sage said...

looks like a fantastic weekend! i love your pup's sweet outfit--i've been considering dressing my cats, but the huz has forbidden it! one day we'll add a doggie to our brood and i'll get my fix of dressing animals in clothes :)