Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Weekend

Projects. Lots of projects running around in my head, and I finally got to unleash a few of them this weekend. I have a couple of Wal-Mart bookshelves that have been moved around from house to house since college.
They're nice and all, still in pretty good shape (which is amazing, after half a dozen moves), but they're lacking in prettiness. So I decided to fix that. I started with the little one, took it apart and sanded it down. (btw - plastic does not make for a good drop cloth outside, it kept sticking to my feet!)
I painted it white, it probably took 3 coats to get it even, and then attached some lovely wrapping paper I bought at Hobby Lobby last Christmas to the back panel with some spray adhesive. And here's the final result!

Cute, eh? I love it! My next project was to tackle the living room, which I'll save for another post. :)