Monday, January 16, 2012

Furry Boots, 2/52

Ok. I know I said that every post would not be about yarn, but I found the pattern for these darling little boots and I just HAD to make them!! I promise, next week's project will have nothing to do with yarn. Pinky swear.

This pattern is courtesy of TwoGirlsPatterns (click to visit their etsy shop), and boy do they have some adorable patterns. I've also made the mary janes, and my Mom just bought 4 patterns from them. And there are some for the little boys out there too, so stay tuned for those in our etsy shop!

The loop stitch was a new one for me, so there was a definite learning curve. I was getting the hang of it on boot #2, and I was almost finished when I realized that I had just made 2 right boots. #&@(%#*. So after punching myself in the face a few times, I pulled out all of those carefully created loops and re-did the top part. They are super cute, and I've already had someone place an order. If you'd like your own pair of furry boots, keep an eye the Yarnaholics etsy page, they'll be listed soon!

I'm seriously considering making myself a pair! I just have to find some outdoor soles to attach them to. Hmm...

Happy Crafting!

Now available on Etsy: Crochet Ugg Inspired baby boots


Anonymous said...

SO precious! What a great girl baby shower gift.