Thursday, January 05, 2006

the best game ever

Mom--this post is for you.

If you saw the game last night, I'm sure you agree with me. Wow. The whole 4th quarter was intense. I am by no means a Longhorn fan, but I did cheer for them last night, and got pretty rowdy in the process.

My Mom was absolutely beside herself with joy. I called her right after Vince ran 18 yards for that touchdown in the last minute of the 4th, and there was no 'hello?' it was just screaming. (hahaha) We watched the last 19 seconds of the game together (on the phone), and as soon as it was over, I could here the panic alarm going off on the car, and she was outside running around with her UT flag. Yeah, football is important where I come from. She (along with my grandpa) is probably the biggest UT fan in Oklahoma, and I am probably the biggest OU fan in Texas.

All I can say is, when you've got so many OU fans pulling for Texas to win.....our hatred for USC is pretty dang high. Yay for the fall of a 'dynasty' as sportscenter puts it. (Btw, I think they might as well have put a 'U' in front of their SportsCenter 'SC' logo, as much as they hailed that team this year). So much for the Heisman winner, what was his name again....Ronald, Randy, Reggie....oh I don't remember. Doesn't matter anyway.

The question now is, will Vince enter the draft? Or will he stay with Texas one more year, and go for the gold, ahem, I mean the Heisman trophy. For my team's sake (and for the sake of the Houston Texans), I hope he does.


Demosthenes said...

Oh he'll go, but give the Texans more credit than to jump at him just because he is a local boy. Carr is still the man. But you know what? Hey, I'd love to see Houston cut ties with Carr and draft Vince, because my Cowboys could sure use a young stud QB. Yeah, cut Carr. We'll take him.