Thursday, April 24, 2008

NYC - Day Two

Day Two of our NYC journey takes us to the Natural History Museum. We saw the dinosaurs, a hugantumous (thanks LT) blue whale, totem poles, the monkey exhibit--twice (ICK--thanks Carol)--and one of the Easter Island statues. Here's Carol giving the statue 'Gum Gum.'

After the museum, we met Bonny for lunch at Alice's Teacup. Its an adorable little tea/sandwich shop decorated to the gills with Alice and Wonderland paraphernalia. The tea was amazing, as were the scones. Drool!

We wondered through Central Park for awhile after that, and then made our way down to Broadway to see CHICAGO!! Our seats were on the 2nd row from the stage, and it was incredible. The scantily clad dancers (male and female) were fantastic, the singing was awesome (especially Mama-wow!). The show left us giddy and glad that we'd lucked into such amazing seats for such a cheap price. Woohoo!

After the show, we went down to Times Square and walked around for a bit, before heading back to the hotel in Newark (2 hours later). Much rest will be needed, for tomorrow, we attempt 2 museums in 1 day!!


Leslie Hutchins said...

It sounds like you girls had such a blast. I have never been to NY, but I hope to someday. I am glad you got such great tickets as well! What do you think about the Grey's Anatomy episode....the trailor got me hooked for next week.

emily said...

I'm so jealous- I haven't gotten to see Chicago on Broadway... yet! Glad you had a great time, it's such a fun city :)