Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Football. It’s back.

Freakin finally. The only thing that kept me from going crazy in anticipation of August 30th was the Olympics. And I certainly enjoyed them, but I'm definitely glad that it's football season.

We're two weeks in now, and the true colors of the top 25 are starting to show. Ohio State had a bit of trouble with Ohio last weekend, and Mizzou tried to give away its season opener to Illinois, but managed to hang on. No huge upsets as of yet (unless you count East Carolina's spanking of Virginia and A&M dropping their home opener).

OU is looking really good, Sam Bradford is doing a phenomenal job, and he's only a sophomore (!!!), and new WR freshman Ryan Broyles is very promising: 7 receptions for 141 yards and 1 TD. Boomer Sooner baby.

Everybody's eyes are on this weekend's matchup of #1 USC (blech) and #5 Ohio State. My pick on this one is Ohio State. Not sure how they were so unlucky to draw each other in the pre-conference bloodbaths (must have been some crazy folks back in the 1940s), but whoever loses, will in all likelihood lose their shot at the National Title. Let's hope the Buckeyes can pull this off. O H - - - I O.

Also this weekend, Arkansas at #8 Texas. I'm going to go with UT on this one. It's hard to beat them at home, and they've got an entire season riding on this. They also have Lamarr Houston back in the game after only serving a one-game suspension instead of 3 for his drunk driving escapade a few weeks back. *thanks cousin JY

I've got a Saturday full of football to look forward to.

Sigh. Ain't life grand?