Monday, September 08, 2008

Sigh. . .

I love Adam Levine. He needs to eat a few sandwiches, and maybe a Snickers, but I love him.

His songs are true, emotional, intense, and amazing. They put on one hell of a show too. I trekked down to Dallas on Saturday to see Maroon 5 and the Counting Crows (and Augustana—too many of those boys need to wash their hair and stop wearing girls jeans, but they weren't bad). Audra and I had seats on Row T (20 rows from the stage), in the middle section on the end. Not quite as good as the seats my sister and I had last year at the Ft Worth Convention Center (they had two walk-out runways and when Adam was on the end singing, he was a mere 20 feet from us—sigh) but still incredible. M5 had a full hour set, playing all of their biggest hits, AND my favorite song from their first album (Songs About Jane, which is still in my CD player in my car after 6 years), The Sun (never made the radio airwaves, so it was AWESOME that they played it!).

After a set switch, the Counting Crows were up. The first half was a bit slow, and had it not been for the hippie girl channeling the 70's in the next section over, it would have been rather boring. The second half definitely picked up, and we rocked out at the end.

It was an awesome show. I'm surprised I didn't dream about it last night. Maybe tonight. Let's hope.


david said...

Sorry for not reading earlier. Just found your blog. Enjoyed reading about your day to day adventures. Keep blogging! Uncle de