Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Okay. I'm annoyed. This is my 'I could possibly rip your head off right now' look. It's a slow day. I'm tired. After hitting snooze a few times this morning, I managed to knock my cell phone onto the floor. Under the bed, and right in the middle. It's buzzing it's little alarm, mocking me from between the mattress and headboard. After about 4 tries I managed to squeeze my hand between said mattress and headboard and retrieve the phone. I gave myself a headache and strained a muscle in my back in the process. Now every time I breathe deeply or sneeze, intense pain.


Just now I got a phone call.

Lady: "I just received a fax from this number. Did you send it?'
Me: "No ma'am."
Lady: "Well the first two pages didn't come through."
Me: "Ok." pause "Were you working with someone here?"
Annoying Lady: "The girl told us she could email us the information."
Me: "Do you remember her name?"
Annoying Lady: "No."
Frustrated Me: "Was it maybe Jessica, or Jennifer?"
Annoying Lady: silence. more silence.
Frustrated Me: "Can you hold a moment?"
Annoying-as-hell Lady: "Yes."

Really? HELP ME OUT a little. For pete's sake people!!

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