Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On OU vs. Texas

I'm happy. Ecstatic even. I wish there wasn't so much negativity surrounding it though. It's a shame we didn't handle Texas in October. But we all know that you can recover from an early loss, and late losses = death.

My argument for OU over Texas starts there. Add to that our ass-whooping of Tech, and our road win over O State, and you have a winner. Head to head doesn't matter when it's a 3-way tie. Those are Big 12 rules, not OU rules. So stop blaming us, we didn't come up with the system. Sure I'd be pissed if I was a Texas fan. So direct your anger towards Baylor, they were up by 14 in Lubbock and let Tech slide by and win. If Baylor had won, Texas would be in and OU out. Or direct it at Tech. Either way, we've played fantastic football since October. We deserve it.

K City here we come!