Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Big 'Ol Mess

What a WEEKEND!! Not only did ACU rack up the biggest score in NCAA playoff history (93-68 vs West Texas A&M), but OU laid it down on Tech, 65-21.

I had the pleasure of being at Shotwell stadium on Saturday (along with a record 12,000 fans) to see the slaughter. It was a great game, with ACU only punting once, and a missed field goal on the other non-scoring drive. There were some defensive struggles from both teams, but I have to hand it to the outstanding receivers for both ACU and WTA&M. Once they got loose, there was no catching 'em.

Now on to the OU game. I don't recall ever being more nervous about a football game than I was on Saturday night. There was pacing, wringing of hands, heart flutters. The whole she-bang. After we were up 21-0, I was finally able to calm down. I can't believe the outcome, and I don't think anyone could have predicted it. It was a total defensive smack-down, and I enjoyed every stinkin minute of it.

Now, lets discuss the mess the Big 12 south is in. Currently, we're in a one-loss-3-way tie: OU, Texas, and Tech. Texas beat us 45-35, Tech beat Texas 39-33, and we beat Tech 65-21. Now, based on points spread alone, I think we are the most convincing winner, and we have the best opportunity to jump ahead this weekend, when we go into Stillwater to play 12th ranked Oklahoma State. Tech has Baylor at home, and Texas has the Aggies at home. Not many 'style points' to be earned in either of those games. True, I'm a bit biased, but I think it's the most likely scenario. We're only .084 behind Texas in the BCS. This weekend will determine the fate of the Big 12 south powerhouses. One question lingers with me though, why in the world do we have to split the North and South? Why can't the Big 12 game be played with the top 2 teams? Sigh...back to the BCS.

I hate the BCS, as most other die-hard college football fans do. The past few years have absolutely screamed for a playoff system. But the BCS does make things interesting. What if, just what if, Auburn beats Alabama this week, Florida beats Florida State, and then Auburn beats Florida in the SEC title game? Granted, of course, that OU takes the Big 12 title and takes care of Mizzou, would a BCS Title game of OU and Texas be possible? Absolutely. I think that would be freakin amazing. So maybe the BCS isn't so bad after all.

Nah, it is.