Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New pots!

As promised, here are my newest pieces. If you like anything you see, I can customize it to your taste: color, size, shapes, etc. And you can always check out my etsy store!

This has to be one of my favorite pieces so far. I love the shape of it, and how the glaze turned out! It will be a perfect bowl for a yummy Thanksgiving side dish!

I love the nutmeg/oatmeal glaze combo, it looks like a desert sunset!


Rab said...

I totally love the plate with all the angles. The colors are wonderful. If you could make a set of four plates that looked just like that I would concider buying it. Then I would slap my checkbook against my forehead and come back to reality that I have no money. However, you only live once and I'll kick myself when you're famous and I still don't have any of your work. We'll keep in touch on the subject.