Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Final thoughts (for now)

I just read a good friend's blog, and when my comment to her reached a few paragraphs, I decided I might as well just blog my response. So here are my thoughts regarding last night's monumental moment in American history.

After how many months (too many) of constant politics, I am very glad the fight is over. However, it was definitely not the outcome I was hoping and praying for. The thing that frustrates me the most, I think, is the fact that while Obama is a very gifted orator and has inspired millions of people, what is it based on? Can the country be run by a man whose eloquence--along with his race--gained him the office? And before anyone accuses me of being a racist, don't. I'm not. I'm honest. I'm afraid this election turned into a popularity contest, and for some people, just having a black president leading this country was good enough to gain their vote. I kept hearing the same things over and over again from different people. The exact same things. Can we form our own opinions, or must we just repeat the endless lines of BS fed to us by the media? If I hear one more news story on how record numbers of young people registered to vote (in order to vote Obama), I will throw up. You remember college, right? You remember being 18, right? Did you have any idea which candidate stood for what, and more importantly, where you stood on the issues? I didn't.

I am no political expert. But I know what I believe, and who I choose to believe in. Regardless of the man in office, I will continue to support my beliefs no matter what the consequences. There is worry and anxiety in my heart for the next 4 years.

I cannot imagine a society where thousands of babies will be discarded merely because they were 'unplanned.' Take responsibility people!

Talk to most people who are in the military and they will tell you that we are making progress over there, and to pull the troops now would be catastrophic.

The answer to every problem is not to throw more money at it.

How can we truly know what will happen in the next 4 years? We don't. All we can do is pray, because God is bigger than politics.