Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol? Not quite sure...

Last season, I hand-picked David Cook from the audition rounds. It's true, you can ask my roommates (you HAVE to go back and listen to the guy with the red streak in his hair, he's aMAzing!). This season, though, I've not had a clear favorite. I loved Megan Joy, and I also loved Allison Iraheta (though her lack of enunciation week after week really started to bother me).

But...Adam Lambert?

Really? What's with the fascination? I don't like him, gay-straight-bi-whatever. His constant need to be completely and ridiculously over the top, and the way he sticks his tongue out to hit those girlishly high notes, it just wears me out (thank the Lord for DVR). I would never buy his album, or go see him in concert. He's too much of a theatrical attention whore to be the American Idol.

What I don't understand is why all of the judges adore him. They're usually the first ones to say, 'too theatrical.' 'too over the top.' 'you should be on a cruise ship.' What's different about Adam? After butchering U2's 'One' on Tuesday, I thought the U2 fans would vote en masse and send him packing.

Kris. He's inventive. He's adorable. The boy can sing, play the guitar, play the piano...really, what's not to love? After his performance of Kanye's 'Heartless' on Tuesday night, I was in awe. I also LOVED 'She Works Hard for the Money' from a few weeks back. He's able to put his spin on anything, and that's a true star.

I'm also a big fan of Danny Gokey. The raspy, bluesy-ness of his voice is addictive. I was SO hoping it would be he and Kris in the finale next week. But noooo.....

At least I have Glee to look forward to. And oh MAN am I looking forward to that, the previews nearly make me jump off the couch in anticipation. AND So You Think You Can Dance (I. Cannot. Wait!).