Thursday, May 21, 2009

just a little update

Things have been pretty quiet lately, which is a nice change from the whirlwind of the last few months. I've had a few lazy nights this week, where I've done nothing but sit on the couch and veg. The first night I was a bit restless, like surely there was something productive I should be doing instead of just sitting here...but no. I just had to keep telling myself to relax and take it easy for a change. And it's definitely been nice.

My head is full of projects that I want to work on, so I think that on this long weekend (yay for days off!!) I'll try to tackle a few of those. I have a set of chairs that I need to revamp, some intense organization and boxing up of old work files that needs to be done, some boring white closet doors that need a makeover, and a bathroom with incredibly bad wallpaper that needs a transformation. Busy busy! But I'm SO looking forward to it.

Oh and maybe I'll hit a few garage sales and thrift stores this weekend, cause I need more projects. :)