Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where have I been?

Cleaning my room (which is an ongoing process), working on the Dog Park Project, and continuing the living room revamp.

Firstly, I have discovered that a little bit of cleaning every day really adds up, and is far less annoying and taxing than spending an entire day cleaning. And you're FAR less likely to just shove stuff in the closet. And I've finally hung my curtains! I've (shamefully) had them for over a year. Yeah.

Secondly, we have been hard at work with The Park People in an effort to bring a dog park to Abilene. It will be an off-leash area where dogs can run and play, and their owners can hang out too! We're working through a non-profit, Connecting Caring Communities, we aren't asking the City for money, so no raised taxes. Check out our website, and if you're in the Abilene area, come to our informational meeting this Friday, the 28th at 5:30, The Abilene Garden Club @ 300 Westwood.

Thirdly, the living room revamp continues! I spent several hours this weekend painting our very 70s fireplace a lovely pristine white. I've still got a few coats to go on the top 1/3 (above the mantel), but I had to give my arms and hands a break. After 4 1/2 coats on the bottom my right hand was starting to resemble the Claw.

Photos coming soon...