Monday, October 05, 2009

The weekend...

Friday night I had the privilege of shooting photos at the David Crowder Band show at Beltway Park. I've seen them before when I was in college, and I'd really forgotten how amazing they are. Incredible show! *I promise I will post photos in a few days*

Saturday Roxie and I packed up the car and made our way to Play Faire Park for the annual Bark in the Park, benefitting the Taylor-Jones Humane Society. A few friends (and their four-legged friends) joined us at the Dog Park table. We sold homemade dog treats, had petitions for people to sign, and Roxie was in the costume contest. She was the most adorable bumblebee you've ever seen! :) It was quite busy and we had a great time mingling with fellow dog-lovers. We have a meeting this week with the city council, and hopefully we'll have a lead on some land for our dog park!

After sitting outside in the wind for several hours, my head was pounding and Roxie was exhausted so we went home to veg for a bit (and watch football). I jetted over to Goodwill and bought 10 fun t-shirts for a project I did on Sunday (stay tuned for photos and a DIY!). Saturday night brought sadness, as my Sooners broke my heart again with a 1-point loss. I guess you just can't be awesome every year. Sigh.

Sunday morning service at Beltway, then I embarked on my sewing project! All I can say is, you're going to be scouring through your dressers, local thrift stores, and garage sales for some vintage tees after you see this DIY. I made two more last night...