Monday, June 25, 2012

Outreach, the 1st and 2nd

On Sunday we woke up bright and early and headed back to the church we helped on Saturday. Our specific team was asked to lead worship for their first service, which started at 6:45. In the morning. Whaaaaa? We made the 40-minute trek to the church and they were already praying and singing when we got there. The energy was amazing, the Spirit was really moving. I am so grateful to have experienced it firsthand!

After church, we picked up another team and got back to the hotel and were able to rest for awhile. After lunch we trained with Every Home for Christ (EHC) and then headed to our assigned churches to do door-to-door evangelism. We had one local on our team, Davica. Initially she had us do all the talking, but by the end she was really taking the role (which is the idea!).

One family we encountered was really a special one for me. I felt led to one woman in particular, and when we asked if she needed prayer for anything, she told us that her husband had died 9 days ago. She invited us to come in and sit, bringing out chairs for each of us. Most of the homes here are built either on stilts or above a carport/garage area, so the locals can often be found hanging out downstairs, outside. After we sat down, my hands started to feel warm and I really felt the Holy Spirit telling me to lay hands on her and pray for comfort. I was a bit hesitant, because you can't just put your hands on a total stranger and pray for them! Or can you? I politely asked if it would be OK, and she was quite wary at first. She even left for a few minutes and I was afraid I'd scared her away. She returned, however, with another family member and then we prayed. I was able to pray peace and comfort and love into Homa's (coincidence? no way!) life and I truly believe that God will do amazing things in her home. Which, by the way, had Hindu gods outside and one of the men had a Muslim tattoo. Go God go!!

We had several other encounters with the Trinidad people that night, and I can feel God moving in this place!

We had supper at the pastor's home, and we're finally able to have the famous 'doubles' we'd been hearing about since we got here. They were delicious! We also had potato pies and Busta sodas to drink. Authentically Trinidad!

Today, Monday the 25th, we spent the morning in worship and prayer. We also shared testimonies of what God did the night before, and I was absolutely amazed at the things God is doing here. This afternoon we drove to our team's church and got to go out door-to-door again with the locals. We were able to pray for several people and their families. On the bus ride home we sang old hymns and it was wonderful. That's how I imagine Heaven will be!


Leslie Anne' said...

Amazing Heather. Truly Amazing!

I have to say though, when you typed whaaaa? I heard it being said by a minion :)