Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ahhhh, de beach!!

One week after arriving in Trinidad, we finally got to see the ocean!! We drove all the way up the island, from Gasparillo (deep south) to Maracas Bay (northern coast). It took a few hours, and we went up some seriously steep and windy (wine-dee, not windy as in much wind, lol) roads. In a bus, mind you. About 5km from the beach there was an amazing lookout point where we got to pull over and take photographs. It was soooo beautiful.

We pulled into Maracas Bay and were immediately overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the place. Sandy beaches, ocean for miles, palm trees, and mountains!! All in one place!

We had lunch at one of the many stands, and I believe all of us (or at least a large # of us) got the Bake & Shark. Yep, you read that right, shark! Its the other, other, other white meat! And delicious too, by the way.

We had lots of fun swimming in the ocean and trying to ride the waves. I caught my fair share and was also totally demolished by a few as well. All kinds of fun. I also bought a few souvenirs from some local Trinis selling jewelry and handmade leather bags that were in the shape of coconuts.

We stopped at the mall by way of Port-of-Spain (which also has some majestic views of its own) so we could do a little shopping and eat dinner. Because we'd spent all day at the beach, many of us were quite sunburned, myself included. Apparently being so close to the equator pretty much renders even 70 SPF useless to a fair-skinned gal like me. I'm a lobster! One of the locals asked if all Americans were pink like us! Haha!!

We had a wonderful time relaxing and seeing God's beautiful creation. And I've decided that it is necessary for my soul that I visit the ocean at least once a year.


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