Monday, July 02, 2012

Wednesday, outreach the 3rd

On Wednesday afternoon we went back to our host church to hit the streets again. April and I went with brother Danny, I had gone with him on Monday. We had a pretty short street to cover, and many of the families were already believers.

We came to the last house and there we're many children playing in the yard. We spoke with the two women who were sitting by the home and shared with them our purpose in Trinidad and asked if they needed prayer. The older woman said that we could pray a general prayer over the home if we wanted. As we were about to pray, she mentioned that she'd been working in the yard the day before and had a headache because of it. April and I placed our hands on her head and prayed for her headache to be gone in the name of Jesus. After we said amen April asked if she had felt anything. She told us that she had felt a tingling in her head. We were excited and told her that was the Holy Spirit she had felt!

April began to talk to the other lady, who had a red mark from the top of her forehead into her hair (which we later found out was a Hindi mark to signify that she was married). I turned to talk to the older lady once again and she had picked up one of her granddaughters and wanted me to pray for her. The child had club feet and had recently had surgery to fix it, but when the casts came off nothing had changed. I was honored and placed my hands on the little girl's feet and began to pray over her. She watched me with her beautiful brown eyes as I prayed for healing and that she would one day run and dance for the Lord. I did not witness a healing of her feet, but I am certain that had the woman not felt the Holy Spirit move in our first prayer, she would have not asked me to pray for her granddaughter.

As I watched her go off to play, she could walk quite well despite her feet being turned in, I prayed that God would heal that little girl, but if he does not, I believe that He has a special purpose for her in his kingdom. Jehovah Rafa, you are our healer!