Monday, July 02, 2012

Sunday, the homestretch

We got up bright and early and headed to church at Faith Assembly International. Pastor KK Bechu was the preacher - one of eight siblings, seven of which are now preachers, the eighth being the only sister. She was a teacher who eventually had a high position in the ministry of education and was able to get the government to allow a 45-minute time of religious study in the schools.

Pastor KK and his siblings, when they were children, were invited to a Bible study by a group of missionaries from Michigan. They were brought up in the Hindu religion. After this Bible study, all eight children gave their lives over to Jesus. Those missionaries will never know the impact hey had on that family, and how far-reaching the effects are! I would say that thousands have come to know the Lord, in Trinidad and beyond! I can only hope and pray that the seeds we have planted here will have even a small fraction of that!

After church several people went back to Maracas Bay, and all of us sunburned folks went back to camp. We enjoyed an afternoon of rest and were able to venture out into the neighborhood a bit. We saw a Hindu wedding parading up the street, complete with a 'party bus' following the couple up the street to the reception blaring loud music in celebration. The Hindu culture is very strong in Trinidad, homes that practice this religion can be spotted by their many cane-pole flags of different colors staked in their yards. Islam is also common, as well as a voodoo type cult (which I think only a few of us encountered during our outreach times). I believe that God is claiming Trinidad for himself, as we were able to minister to people of all faiths, seeing even strong Hindu believers renounce all of their gods and give their lives over to Jesus. May this continue long after we have left!

Sunday evening we were privileged to lead worship for a church right in our own place, at TTUM. The pastor was another of the siblings I wrote of before. We were also able to worship with their worship team, it was so fun to be able to learn some of their songs!

We hit they hay early as we had to get up at 3:30am to leave for the airport.

I truly have been blessed by this trip, stretched and grown by God. And I hope to be able to return to Trinidad soon, as I have left a part of my heart in that wonderful country.