Monday, July 02, 2012

Saturday, for the young and old

Saturday morning we split up and went to an orphanage and an elderly home. I love kids, but I don't really have a heart for children's ministry, so I chose to go to the elderly home.

When we arrived, we each sat next to one of the residents. My special friend was Elsie, who was 92 years old. She's the mother of 5, and is a grandmother, a great-grandmother, and a great-great-grandmother. She talked lovingly of her family, and there was a sweet kindness in her eyes. I enjoyed listening to her tell me her story. She had met her husband, her one and only love, when she was quite young. He played the piano at church and she was in the choir. She was engaged at 18 and married at 19. She was a teacher for many years.

Her family had a dog when she was young, an Airedale from England, he was quite a character. Bele was his name. I told her about my Roxie and she love looking at the photos of her on my phone. I miss her so much!

After awhile we pulled out the guitar and sang a few worship songs. We then started singing the 'old goldies' (as one of the locals called them). The residents truly came alive hearing hose old hymns, singing and clapping, their eyes alive with each word sung. I can only think that our bus ride a few days previous had prepare us for this, as we would never have remembered all of those hymns that morning! God truly does amazing things to prepare us for the future, we should rejoice in the small things.

After lunch we came back together and went to a neighborhood that was in need of some love. We took the guitars and djembe and did an acoustic jam session at one home. We spread out around the neighborhood and invited everyone to join us. As soon as we started singing and playing, children came from every direction!

We were able to share the love of Jesus with many that afternoon, and several asked Jesus into their hearts. One child in particular really connected with Tim, one of our djembe players (you can check out Tim & Christina's story on our mission trip blog: This kid had a gift for that drum! It was incredible!!

Saturday evening we had a much needed time of encouragement and testimony. We also praised Jesus for awhile and some of the locals came up an joined us. At one point, 3 young men came up the stairs to join us, one carrying a guitar. Not one minute later, and I am not exaggerating, Michael broke a string on his guitar. The man handed his guitar to Michael and we continued with worship! Jeremy later said that we had brought lots of extra strings but hadn't yet needed any. Amazing that God works in the little things like that, isn't it?

To bed early, we had another early Sunday service to attend. 7am!